Benefits of Retail Analytics

Benefits of Retail Analytics

Here at Suez Technology, our team is dedicated to identifying the drivers behind purchases. We create retail analytics software that allows brick-and-mortar retailers to measure big data in real-time. We utilise technologies that range from videos to heat mapping to learn where customers are located, how long they spend at certain spots and what they buy. Our software then presents the information collected in a way that is easy to understand. Stores can later interpret the data to understand customer preferences and patterns. The goal of Suez Technology is to pave the way for retail optimisation.

Retail Perforce Optimisation

Retail stores face a new challenge in attracting foot traffic: online stores. Retailers can increase their sales and offer customers a better experience by utilising video retail analytics. Suez Technology creates programmes that explain how a customer gets to a product, how long that person browses and their opinion of their purchases. Our retail analytics is also able to see whether customers flock to promotional offers, how long they linger at the product site and what other items they pick up.

Our methods include heat mapping, in which an intelligent video server (IVS) paired with streaming cameras shows the pattern and length of human traffic in an area; gender recognition, in which the IVS and cameras distinguish different genders; dwell time, in which the two machines determine how long a person has spent in an area; and traffic flow analysis, in which the tools map the different degrees of congestion levels between days, weeks, months or years. Additional methods include people counting, demographic analysis, license plate identification and Point of Sale (POS) integration.

Real-time retail presents a tremendous opportunity for merchants to understand how customers react at special times of the year, such as the winter holiday season, as well as to new advertising campaigns, new looks for the store and to changes in staff and inventory. Suez Technology's video and software combined also gives managers perspective on how shoppers react to particular announcements ("this sale will end soon") or a safety issue, such as a slippery floor. The video and software further allow stores to capture how customers interact with people they are shopping with, other customers in the store and technology in the store, such as a price-check station.

Utilising all of the big data collected helps a store or chain determine variance of customer behaviour patterns between store locations, identify ways to optimise store layout and align the number and training of staff members with customer preferences.

Shopper Experience Optimisation

Suez Technology provides its customers with methods and ideas to optimise a shopper's experience. Our in-store retail analytics mine the big data the technology has collected over a desired period of time. Suez Technology's equipment and software are suitable for both large and small retail businesses.

Suez Technology's cameras, DVRs and software provide businesses with the opportunity to enhance customer experiences by fulfilling needs and eliminating concerns. For example, cameras can pick up customers' reactions to free Wi-Fi or a special discount offer for mobile users. A store employee might be seen as intrusive if a shopper was using a mobile device and the employee attempted to start a conversation. In contrast, video is a non-confrontational way to monitor customer reactions.

Stores and chains who would like to increase customer engagement and move toward retail optimisation are welcome to contact us with questions about our retail analytics strategy. Suez Technology strives to make big data more accessible and comprehensible.

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