The beginner’s guide to Suez in-store analytics for Retailers

The beginner’s guide to Suez in-store analytics for Retailers

In-store analytics has been available for some time to brick and mortal stores.

 What Retail Analytics Means?

Retail analytics is “a process by which data from customer behaviour is used to help make key business decisions via market segmentation and predictive analytics. This information is used by businesses for direct marketing, site selection, and customer relationship management.” Wikipedia.

What are the main benefits from using retail analytics?

People Counting is a key component of Retail Analytics. Tracking how many people enter to the store can provide opportunities to boost the bottom line conversion.

Retailers can plan their staff scheduling according to the peak shopping time as well as the ability to measure the impact on a marketing campaign by measuring the change in numbers of visiting.

Staff Optimisation without the effective and appropriate deployment of staff, it is difficult for retail organisations to get ahead. Spread the staff too thinly, or concentrate them in certain key areas, and the operation is doomed to fail. Video analytics removes the guesswork from this equation, eliminating any uncertainty. Instead, business owners achieve a precise understanding of their staffing needs, assigning roles and deploying teams accordingly.

 Customer Behaviour insights for retail chains, it is important to treat each store as an individual entity. Economic and geographic factors play a major part in defining the strengths and weaknesses of different stores in the different area, and so a catch-all approach with no consideration of this cannot work. Instead, business owners can use Suez Technology Retail Analytics.

It is difficult to imagine a future in which data, insight and understanding are not major factors contributing to success in retail. In fact, as data collection, storage and application methods grow increasingly refined, the deployment of big data in the retail sector will only increase.

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