What is the Best IP Camera to use as a Baby Monitor Cam?

In my 10 years in the Security Industry, clients have been asking me this question, What is the Best Camera to use as a Baby Monitor. I have being lucky enough to experience buying Baby Monitors as a gift for my Nephews and Nieces. However, after trying several brands I decided to outsource it myself, as the cameras on the Market didn't satisfy the needs for the baby parents.

I decided to sit one day with my Brother and asked him what he is looking for in a baby Monitor, this was his answer:

  1. monitor our baby girls entire playroom, so it needed to have a wide angle lens
  2. Capture live video in high definition
  3. Capture live audio
  4. Been able to talk with the baby (2-ways audio)
  5. Record on demand (when we see the girls doing something cute or funny)
  6. Display live video on iPhone


After month and month  of looking, we came up with this amazing IP Camera. Suez Technology ST-WI1080B-P Wifi Ip Camera - Baby Monitor $39.99

Our ST-WI1080B-P Wifi Ip Camera - Baby monitor is really easy to install. Download and install the app to your iPhone or Android. Create a User and Password and add the device on your app. Is so simple that only takes 5 minutes to install.


Baby Monitor 

What we can do IP Wifi Camera

Wifii IP Camera






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