What Retailers Can Do to Compete Better With Amazon in Australia (Customer Service)

Amazon's Challenge to the Retail Industry in Australia

Amazon, the ubiquitous online retailer, is coming to Australia, and the company's arrival is sure to shake up the existing retail climate. Amazon announced in April that it intends to open a large fulfilment centre in Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane and add hundreds of new employees in the region. Although the impact of this move on existing retailers is yet unclear, smart store owners are taking measures to ramp up their web presence to better compete with a bigger and more aggressive Amazon in Australia.


What Retailers Can Do to Compete Better With Amazon in Australia

  1. Use unconventional marketing methods. Too often, companies in the same industry use the same marketing methods. Savvy companies set their business apart from competitors -- and Amazon -- by mixing up their marketing plan a little bit. Suez Technology's targeted marketing application for Brick and Mortal Retailers makes it easy to define the buying habits of your customers, by gender, age or even product they are looking at in the store.

    2. Think customer service. The one area where local retailers can easily trump online retail giants like Amazon is by providing a personal touch. Amazon's algorithm may offer consumers similar items to ones they've looked at before, but it doesn't greet customers warmly when they enter the store or ask about the family like the staff at a bricks and mortar store can. By using Suez Technology tools, you can easily know what products a customer is seeking and be better equipped to engage them in conversation.

    3. Analyse sales patterns and customers' buying habits. Taking a close look at the items a company sells during each season and who buys them can give retailers inside information into their unique market. This lets them know if it makes sense to beef up inventory in certain items or reach out to certain segments of the customer base.

    4. Learn about customer browsing habits. Another piece of information that can help bricks and mortar retailers remain competitive is knowing what type of merchandise their customers are gazing at when they visit the store. Suez Technology's video analytics software can help get the information a company needs to make sound marketing decisions.

Be Retail Savvy With Suez Technology

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