Retail Analytics Solution

Track, measure and understand your visitors

E-commerce style measurement for brick and mortar stores

What gets measured get Improved - Peter Drucker

Foot Traffic

Optimise staff roster's based on foot traffic

Improve your store layout and optimise product placement. Our Heat mapping feature allows store managers to view and understand how customers move and interact within their store.

People Counting System

Optimise staff roster's based on foot traffic

Decrease your labour costs and increase your customer service. Understanding, how many people pass through your store can help you plan and maximise your personnel utilisation

Increase Revenue

Maximise revenue by measuring how many customers convert to sales in your store and the impact of staff performance on sales

Understand in which locations customer dwell the most and optimise store layouts

Facial Recognition Advertisement

Push your advertisement based on customer segmentation

Use a camera and facial recognition software to identify a customer's gender and approximate age, to then show advertising tailored to their demographic

The technology also adjusts adverts depending on the time and date, as well as monitoring customer purchases



Suez Technology Pty Ltd is Retail Analytics Systems is a comprehensive in-store analytics. We help retailers to identify opportunities for growth, execute changes and measure success.


By utilising data collected from intelligent video analytics and retail transaction devices, we help retailers understand customer profiles and behaviour, the relationship between revenue and traffic flow to improve retail optimisation


We use the latest IP Camera technology for our Retail Analytics System, unlike other companies which use legacy sensor-based system which are unreliable and inaccurate

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